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How do I pay these bills I received for treatment for my injuries?  

After you have been hurt because of someone else’s negligence, an unexpected ambulance or ER bill can add insult to injury. The other side’s insurance rarely, if ever, will pay for medical care without you signing away the right to bring any future claims for all known and unknown injuries. That means you have one chance to get all the medical care you need and have it paid for by the responsible party.  

I have consulted with potential clients who agreed to a quick settlement in order to pay an ER bill, then were on the hook themselves for the bulk of additional treatment that they needed. Don’t let a short-term worry over a medical bill lead to a quick settlement that could risk your long-term recovery. Set a free consultation by phone, text, or email to talk more about your options.  

If your injuries are from a car crash, review your own policy for Personal Injury Protection or Medical Payments coverage. These types of coverage on your own policy could help pay medical bills or lost wages while you negotiate your case with the other side’s insurance, taking away an urgency to settle your case against them.  

If your injury happened on someone else’s property, there could be Medical Payments coverage on a business or homeowners policy that could help pay your medical bills before needing to negotiate under the liability portion of the policy.  

Whatever your scenario is, don’t risk your long-term medical needs because immediate costs. Set a free consultation by phone, text, or email to talk more about your options. 

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