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How much is a personal injury case worth? 

This is one of the most common questions from potential clients and also one of the more difficult questions to answer with any specifics, especially early in a case. Many factors play into an eventual settlement or verdict: the full extent of injuries, the impact of those injuries on a person’s life, the amount of medical bills paid and still owed, the length and type of treatment involved, whether any long-term or permanent injury or impairment is involved, the amount of lost wages in the past and ability to earn income in the future, and the amount of assets and insurance available to compensate you, the injured party.  

It’s easy to see case results advertised on TV, radio, or the internet, or hear directly from someone who had a personal injury case, and create certain expectations. Keep in mind that two seemingly similar cases can have significantly different settlement values when, for example: one case involves large medical bills owed by an individual and the other case involves medical bills paid by health insurance; one person's injury heals with minimal treatment but someone else's similar, but slightly more severe, injury requires extensive treatment to recover; one case involves treatment that fully cured an injury while the other case had the same treatment that leaves a permanent impact on the person’s quality of life.  

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