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Will I have to file a lawsuit? 

Maybe. There is almost always an option to settle a case without a lawsuit. However, sometimes the offer is not good enough and the best choice is to move forward with a lawsuit. I do not file lawsuits for clients without their full consent and agreement after discussing all of their options.  

In most cases, we wait until a client is done with their medical treatment and then try to negotiate a fair settlement with the other side. If we can reach a compromise without the need for a lawsuit, we settle the case. If the other side will not make a fair settlement, the best option is usually to move forward with a lawsuit. In some instances, it is clear from the outset that a lawsuit will be required and waiting only delays the eventual resolution of a case.  

I discuss these options in depth with clients to present and advise on the two options—it is always the client’s choice which path to choose.  

To talk more about the process, or the likelihood of your case going into a lawsuit, set a free consultation by phone, text, or email .  

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