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After an accident, it can be difficult to know what to do...

Personal injury accidents can have lasting effects on your personal and professional life. After an accident you may be facing:

  • Mounting medical bills
  • Debilitating injuries
  • Property damage
  • Lost wages
  • Ongoing medical needs

We can help you get the compensation you need to overcome these challenges and move forward by building your case and negotiating with the insurance companies.

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How we can help

A personal injury attorney can help

We have helped individuals and families navigate the complexities of the legal system and obtain the compensation they deserve in many different case types and with many different case challenges.

Our approach is understanding each client’s unique circumstances, conducting thorough investigations, and building cases that show how our clients’ lives have been impacted by their injuries. We pride ourselves on our personalized attention, clear communication, and relentless pursuit of justice. 

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Our process

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We will meet to discuss the details of your case, evaluate the circumstances surrounding your injury, and determine the viability of pursuing a claim.

Medical Treatment

Seeking prompt and thorough medical treatment is essential to your case, as it not only ensures your well-being but also establishes a clear link between your injuries and the incident, which is crucial for building a strong case.



In this step, we will conduct a comprehensive investigation into the incident, collecting evidence such as accident reports, photographs, witness statements, and any other relevant documentation to establish liability and support your claim.


Once we've gathered sufficient evidence, we will engage with the at-fault party's insurance company and begin negotiations to reach a settlement that compensates you for your medical expenses, lost wages, and loss of enjoyment of life from your injuries.



In this final stage, we will either reach a negotiated settlement with the insurance company that meets your needs or, if necessary, proceed to trial where a judge or jury will render a verdict determining the compensation you are entitled to receive based on the evidence presented.

How we can help

Case Results


Commercial truck refusing to accept responsibility

After a commercial truck made a negligent wide turn onto a county road, right into my client’s path of travel, the driver incorrectly blamed my client for coming across the middle line. The other driver blaming my client meant hiring experts to inspect both vehicles, as well as the scene, to then create a reconstruction of the crash. After filing suit and taking depositions, the case resolved favorably at mediation, with the driver giving up the argument that my client was at fault. She finally received full policy limits offers from the other driver's insurance, as well as her own UIM policy, to resolve her case.


Disputed liability, eventual policy limits plus UIM

At dusk on a fall evening, a driver turned out of a parking lot across 4 lanes of traffic in front of my client. After causing a crash that totaled both cars, instead of taking responsibility, the other driver blamed my client for not having his headlights on. The case required multiple specialists for my client to treat his injuries, a defense hired doctor to perform a separate medical examination, and multiple depositions to determine fault. Our expert then created a reconstruction of the crash scene. At mediation, the other driver’s insurance company finally paid their policy limits, and my client’s underinsured coverage paid an amount that recognized the severity of his injuries.


Red light dispute, policy limits

After running a red light and causing a t-bone collision with my client, the other driver blamed the sun for causing her to not see the red light. Her insurance company backed her up and forced a lawsuit. After months of specialist visits, her own deposition, and the other driver’s deposition, my client finally received a full policy limits offer to resolve her case.

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I was in my first ever vehicle accident and had no clue or idea what to do or how to go about anything. I called Rian and he was able to help me and explained everything to me to where it made sense. He was very professionally, kinda and knew the law. I would highly recommend him. Thank you again.


Rian Butler represented me very well regarding my auto accident.  He is an excellent lawyer and was able to get the insurance companies to pay without going to court.  If I didn't have Rian representing me, I would have been in considerable debt from medical bills and vehicle replacement.  I appreciate everything he did on my behalf, and I highly recommend him!


My mom’s injury case was not getting anywhere and when the statue of limitation was coming to an end, we were fortunate enough to have Rian pick up the case. He was always looking out for our best interest and gave a clear and professional opinion on where we stand. Rian also took the time to walk us through anything we didn’t understand and was very patient with us as there was some communication barriers. At the end, we were able to get a better settlement than previously discussed.

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How we can help

Our Practice Areas

Truck Accidents
If you or a loved one has been involved in a truck accident, wecan help you navigate the aftermath. We willhelp you pursue full compensation for your medical bills, injuries, and lost work opportunities.
Auto Accidents
Whether you were injured as a driver, passenger, or pedestrian in an auto accident, we can help you build a strong case and seek the compensation you deserve from the at-fault party.
Brain Injuries
Dealing with the aftermath of a brain injury can be incredibly challenging. We havethe experience you need to take on your case. We’ll work with you to get the compensation you need to cover medical bills, rehabilitation costs, ongoing care, lost or reduced work opportunities, and for the impact your injury has on your day to day life.
Trip & Fall Accidents
Unsure of what to do after a trip and fall accident? You’re not alone. We will advocate on your behalf to hold negligent property owners accountable for their actions. We will help you pursue compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and for the impact and inconvenience your injuries have on your day to day life.
Wrongful Death
Losing a loved one due to someone else’s negligence is devastating. We will work with you to seek justice and compensation for funeral expenses, loss of income, and other damages.

Questions & Answers

After an accident, you may have questions about what to do next. We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you navigate the process of hiring a personal injury attorney.

Do I Need A Personal Injury Lawyer?
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Whether you need to formally hire a lawyer will come down to the specifics of your case, and that decision should be made after a full discussion of what happened and how you are recovering.

If you have been hurt by someone else’s negligence, it is important to talk directly to a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. The other side and their insurance company will be working on their investigation and defense immediately. Make sure to get a free consultation of your own right away as well.

How Do I Choose A Personal Injury Lawyer?
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Start with some basic research into prospective lawyers. Do they seem knowledgeable about the issues you’re facing? Do they seem compassionate? Will they be responsive? Can they break down and explain, in everyday terms, the legal battle you face ahead?​

Most importantly, call and talk to them about your case. Interview them. Ask them all the questions you have about this unexpected interruption in your life. Do they listen and respond to your concerns?

There are a lot of options when it comes to a personal injury lawyer. The only way to find the right one for you is to talk to them and find out if they are going to be able to help you through your time in need. To talk to me about how I can help, set a free consultation by phone, text, or email.

Can I Afford A Lawyer?
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I don’t charge for consultations to discuss potential cases. I don’t charge any up-front costs, hourly rates, nor require clients to pay any case costs to move their case forward. I charge a contingency fee, which means I am only paid if, and when, I receive a settlement on your behalf. Don’t let a fear of costs prevent you from seeking legal advice for your personal injury claim. Set a free consultation by phone, text, or email.

How Much Is A Personal Injury Case Worth?
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This is one of the most common questions from potential clients and also one of the more difficult questions to answer with any specifics, especially early in a case. Many factors play into an eventual settlement or verdict: the full extent of injuries, the impact of those injuries on a person’s life, the amount of medical bills paid and still owed, the length and type of treatment involved, whether any long-term or permanent injury or impairment is involved, the amount of lost wages in the past and ability to earn income in the future, and the amount of assets and insurance available to compensate you, the injured party.​

It’s easy to see case results advertised on TV, radio, or the internet, or hear directly from someone who had a personal injury case, and create certain expectations. Keep in mind that two seemingly similar cases can have significantly different settlement values when, for example: one case involves large medical bills owed by an individual and the other case involves medical bills paid by health insurance; one person’s injury heals with minimal treatment but someone else’s similar, but slightly more severe, injury requires extensive treatment to recover; one case involves treatment that fully cured an injury while the other case had the same treatment that leaves a permanent impact on the person’s quality of life.

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