My Personal And Professional Background

About Me

I was blessed with a diverse upbringing that has allowed me to meet and connect with people across many different cultures. My name, Rian (pronounced like "Ian" with an R in front of it), comes from my Irish heritage. I was born there, my dad's side still lives there, and going back brings me a certain kind of peace and calmness. My mom's side gave me my Texas roots. I grew up in Houston, and my wife and I (and our dogs) now love calling Southwest Austin home. 

My Career

I have always rooted for the underdog. I don't like how the system favors big companies over individuals, and I thrive on being part of the fight to help everyday people match up against these powerful corporations. 

Before (and after) becoming a lawyer, I worked on economic loss claims for individuals and small businesses that lost paychecks and income because of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. My accounting background helps me understand, analyze, and argue for my clients' economic losses. 

In eight years against BP, I helped clients ranging from shrimp boat deckhands to seafood processors and distributors recover more than $50 million from various claims facilities acting on behalf of BP.

As an attorney I have represented people against drivers that weren't paying attention to their surroundings, against companies that refused to fix dangerous conditions on their properties, and against companies that wrongfully entrusted their vehicles to unsafe employees.

Communication Is Key

Explaining The Process And Keeping Clients Informed

As lawyers, it's easy to see the various steps of a case developing well into the future. But our clients usually only go through this once. I pride myself on helping my clients understand the big picture, then keeping them up to date as their case progresses. The best compliments I have received from clients highlight these interactions.

"[Rian] was very professional and took the time to explain all the things I did not understand. He was always very thorough with checking in on me throughout my case and making sure that everything was in order when it came to documentation and my general well being as I healed." - Former car crash client

"Over our three-plus year relationship, they [former firm] and my closest contact Rian Butler have been knowledgeable about the law, as well as excellent communicators when I had questions or needed an update." - Former business economic loss client

"Rian Butler is an awesome attorney. I appreciate the fact that he helped me understand what he was doing for me. He explained everything I needed to know and more." - Former car crash client

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